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VOGSY Software Overview – Powerful PSA and Digital Project Management with G Suite

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Digital agencies and shops need greater control over time and expenses, invoicing, pricing, cash flow and projects. They must also be able to prove value. Clients want to know their money is well spent, but over-servicing or wrongly pricing a project can be devastating. Even so, according to IDG Connect, 70% of marketers struggle with cost justification. Business metrics are crucial for gaining insight to do so, never mind a competitive advantage

Then there’s the proliferation of tools, thousands of which are available to marketers today. In fact, many agencies find themselves faced with tooling spaghetti; a clump of technology that’s messy, time-consuming to manage and not being utilized properly. These tools also often don’t “play well” together, requiring data to be pulled manually, increasing the likelihood of errors.

If you wonder how you’ll ever get ahead of this, you’re not alone. A survey by HubSpot points out the second biggest pain point for agency owners and senior leaders is lack of time for administrative tasks.

The answer to these challenges is VOGSY.

What Is VOGSY?

VOGSY is the only professional services automation (PSA) solution built on the Google Platform. VOGSY was created by AllSolutions, a 30-year PSA software company with customers in 25 countries, enjoying strong technical support from the folks at Google.

It automates functions from project management to sales, finance to operations. It supports better, faster decision-making with real-time insights. It’s the one platform that puts everyone on the same page, freeing up leaders and empowering staff, enabling digital shops and agencies to get ahead in today’s digital world.

How Does VOGSY Help With Project Management?

The digital revolution has introduced tremendous challenges to all of marketing and communications. Agency owners, senior leaders and project managers (PMs) constantly find themselves learning new tools and strategies. Talent is scarce and dependency on freelancers has grown sharply to muddy capacity planning. Project work is on the rise, complicating resource utilization and pipeline forecasting.

With VOGSY, all project fundamentals are under one roof, providing complete project management through one easy-to-use, outcome-driven tool specifically designed to heighten efficiency.

Overview Of VOGSY Features

VOGSY provides powerful features for resource and budget planning, document management, team collaboration and complete tracking of milestones, deliverables and activities. Heat maps offer at-a-glance availability, role and skill matching capabilities, even automated suggestions. Updates on opportunities, activities and approvals ensure you’ll never miss a beat.

VOGSY screenshot - tool overview - resource planning

VOGSY provides features for resource and budget planning, document management, team collaboration and complete tracking of milestones, deliverables and activities.

You’ll have the ability to match the right skills with the right rates at the right time, enabling your digital shop to stay on top of utilization and delivery.

Time And Expense Tracking

Time is money in the agency world, and keeping track of hours is essential to profitability. Once a chore, VOGSY makes time tracking a snap. You’ll get it right from the start with features such as pre-populated timesheets, stopwatch capabilities, supported by notifications and approval via any device.

VOGSY screenshot - tool overview - platform time and expenses

VOGSY’s expense and time-tracking features.

Further, agencies can handle related expenses with equal ease. VOGSY can chart accounts, A/P and A/R, corporate P&L, automate flexible billing—all accompanied by 24/7 real-time reporting to make sure you’re always on the money.

Reporting And KPI Dashboards

VOGSY leverages your data to provide true insights for more accurate, faster decision-making – enabling greater responsiveness and better outcomes.

VOGSY screenshot - tool overview - projects planning

VOGSY screenshot tracking progress to ensure SOWs are on target.

You’ll gain real-time sales, customer, project and utilization metrics. Configurable KPI boards empower your leadership with access to vital data. You’ll be able to bridge the gap between sales and delivery, from quote to cash, ensuring optimum client satisfaction.

What’s more, CRM features ensure SOWs are on-target and according to plan. You’ll better manage and grow margins, forecast the work pipeline and know what works best today and in the future.

And along the way, you’ll always have reporting and visibility to prove your value to customers.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using VOGSY?

Agencies often have separate tools for PM, CRM, billing and more. This means you have to gather data and report against business outcomes. Information also resides in silos, which impacts visibility and stifles team collaboration. The time needed for training and IT management on of all these tools adds up, too, not to mention the expensive toll that unused licenses or software can take.

You want a PSA solution as simple and intuitive as G Suite—and VOGSY uniquely delivers this to reduce overhead and make your entire staff’s life easier.

With its cloud-based, SaaS model, VOGSY can scale with your growth. It deploys rapidly and easily, eliminates IT concerns, and allows for rapid onboarding. It integrates with the multitude of other tools your agency uses – from accounting to marketing and sales automation software – and provides that one tool to control them all.

Once VOGSY is live, it’ll do all the hard work, then you and your team can be assured accurate insights are driving decision-making. That’s also where usability comes into play: you want to provide software that people find familiar in order to ease your utilization burden. When users get frustrated, even the best technology can be ignored and the data you desperately need just won’t be there.

That’s why VOGSY is built on the Google Platform – there’s success in simplicity – and it’s the only PSA solution that is.

VOGSY Pricing

Pricing starts at just $19 per user, per month. This includes access to all features – unlimited accounts, opportunities, projects, resources – along with tech support.

The VOGSY “All-in Onboard Pack” offers a cost effective solution for entire agencies. The one-time cost is just $2,400, comes with complete features and support, and is accompanied by data uploads, back-end structure, project set-up, training and education.

Being a Google partner allows VOGSY to get results faster and at far less cost. We pass on that benefit to you so that we both win.

VOGSY was created by AllSolutions, a 30-year PSA software company with customers in 25 countries, enjoying strong technical support from the folks at Google. Contact us for a demo to see for yourself why it’s time your agency reaps the benefits of a PSA solution.

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Mark van Leeuwen

Mark van Leeuwen

Mark van Leeuwen is CEO of VOGSY. Prior to joining VOGSY as CEO, Mark spent 10 years in a variety of complex projects working for a multinational bank on topics such as marketing, international finance, BPR, customer care and automation, followed by over 15 years leading PSO’s and growing services technology vendors’ market presence internationally.

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