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Monthly training with experts to help you master key parts of the DPM role.

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Master Project Kickoffs in 30 Minutes: Live Mini Course

Thursday Dec 12th
11am PST / 7pm GMT / 2pm EST

January 2020 is around the corner—start your new projects as best as you possibly can with this live mini course.

You’ll learn how to plan and lead great kickoffs with The DPM Founder Ben Aston, who will give you some useful, time-saving tools to launch projects like a pro in the coming year.

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Workshop: How To Use Mind Maps To Map Out Your Project


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Workshop FAQ

What’s the difference between workshops and webinars?

Both are online video conferences, but we make a distinction between Workshops (offered to Pro Members) and Webinars (free and open to the entire DPM community). Here’s why:

  • Workshops are designed to help you master a specific skill, offering more in-depth and hands-on training along handouts to apply the lessons to your projects.
  • Webinars are broader talks—less hands-on training and more thought leadership to introduce new ideas shaping the DPM industry, dive into trends, best practices, and other higher-lever career topics.

What's it like? Do I have to prepare anything?

Nope—simply show up. The workshops last about an hour and include time for Q&A. There’s no prep or homework for Workshops, but you will get handouts that you can take back to your projects. If you come across questions when you go and put your new skills and materials to use, the monthly Office Hours is a great place to bring them (and Slack is always there for you!).

Which video conferencing app do we use?

We use Zoom. Give yourself a few extra minutes before the Workshop starts to sign up and download the app if it’s your first time using it.

Who leads the workshops?

We collaborate with a group of dedicated, passionate, and experienced digital project managers (although some go by different titles) in order to develop Workshop concepts and materials and bring them to you. You can read up on some of our DPM Expert team members here.