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Us digital project managers love talking about our tools, especially project management tools. There really is no one perfect tool – depending on your workflow, agency and team, some tools will work better than others, and new tools are popping up all the time. Here are some of the best PM tools we’ve discovered to manage projects and teams in a digital world.

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11 Project Management Software Tools

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The hunt for the best project management software PM’s love project management software – with good reason – without good project management software, whether we’re in agencies, marketing communications or consulting, we can find ourselves drowning in an endless sea of spreadsheets, post-its and paperwork. Our project management software and toolkit can be the only thing that separates us from throwing our toys out of the pram and having a total meltdown.  To get stuff...
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If part of your project management role is managing social media updates, you'll know that finding time (and sometimes inspiration) for social media updates can be tricky. Missinglettr is a great tool to turn your blog content into interesting social media updates, pre-filled with images and quotes from your content. Missinglettr monitors your blog and each article you publish is automatically turned into a unique drip marketing campaign. All you need to do is review and...
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