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07/09/2016 in General, How-to Guides

How to manage a project with empathy

What does it mean to manage a project with empathy?  And how do you actually do it? “Project empathy” is a bit hard to pin…

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29/08/2016 in General, Reviews, Tools

Tool review: Admation

Project management tools often make the mistake of trying to be everything, to everyone. They create masses of functionality without a real vision of workflow…

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22/08/2016 in General, Success, Ten Tops Tips

10 top tips for project success: Understand your client

In the previous post in this series on project success, we explored the importance of understanding success and how it relates to clients and our agency,…

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11/08/2016 in Features, General

The 2016 digital project manager salary survey results

How much do digital project managers really earn? And while we’re asking, what are the typical salaries for a senior project manager, project co-ordinator and…

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04/08/2016 in Features, General, Tools

Five PM Slack hacks to make your job easier

Working as a Project Manager at a full-service digital agency can lead to some serious FOMO. Every team has new technologies and tools coming out…

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26/07/2016 in General

Dilbert on taking over a project with no handover

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26/07/2016 in General, Success, Ten Tops Tips

10 tips for project success: stay positive

No matter how well you do the right things at the right time, the truth is, a project tragedy is always just around the corner….

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23/07/2016 in General

Digital PM Summit 12th – 15th Oct 2016, San Antonio

If you’re wondering how to spend your digital project management training budget this year, look no further than this year’s Digital PM Summit. Set in…

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15/07/2016 in General, How-to Guides

How to manage a project when it’s over

Just because your project is live, it doesn’t mean it’s over. One of the most overlooked parts of a project is post launch, after it’s gone live. In the…

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28/06/2016 in Statements of work, Ten Tops Tips

10 top tips for how to create a simple statement of work: share it

After creating your statement of work, and ensuring that it’s crystal clear with activities and deliverables broken down, put into context with clear language, assumptions,…

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28/06/2016 in Features, General

The 2016 Digital Project Manager salary survey

Whether you're an industry veteran or beginning to consider a career as a digital project manager - ‘How much do digital project managers earn?’ is always a relevant question to ask. Searches on this website for digital project managers show it's one of the hottest topics on our minds. We're all curious; are we being paid what we’re worth, or not? Last year's salary survey yielded some interesting results so for the second year in... Read More
24/06/2016 in The PM life

When you spend months planning a project with a client only for them to cancel it at the last minute

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