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Project Management Guidance For The Digital Wild West

The Little-Bit-Lost Lady Boss

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I am ready to leave my job however, my husband was laid off 3.5 months ago. He has an MBA and was the breadwinner so I’m now supporting the family – but feel like I’m losing the fire inside me while staying in a stagnant role. How do I maintain who I am through this, both professionally and personally? Supporting my husband, financially and emotionally? Staying engaged in a job I”m losing interest in? Not losing myself in the process?

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

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My agency recently decided to restructure and take away the traditional titles. No longer are we “Sr.”, “Director”, etc. in all disciplines, we have no title differentiations in years of experience or level of work. I”m not sure how this makes me feel, I’ve been striving and goal setting my whole career only to now get pushed down in title. Do I stay and figure it out or leave?

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5 tips for making process improvement easier

5 Tips For Making Process Improvement Easier

By | Features, General | 4 Comments
When setting out to write this, I intended to focus on our agency’s slight (but important) shift to Scrum in recent months. This is happening after our small PM team became certified ScrumMasters earlier this summer. I work at Crema, a Midwest-based tech and innovation agency focused on building custom web and mobile apps for a wide swath of clients. We’ve been focused on agile methodologies for the last couple years and always trying to...
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Lessons learned template

Why And How To Document Lessons Learned (With Bonus Lessons Learned Template)

By | Features, General, Tools | One Comment

Projects can teach many valuable lessons about teams and processes over time. Those insights can then be used to create process change, run more efficient projects, and work better as a project team. Project failures can also say a lot about processes and communication when those failures are analyzed to determine where a project when wrong.

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