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We want to help you get inspired to be a better digital project manager. Our goal is to elevate the conversation surrounding digital, leadership, and the world of digital project management.  Here’s some digital PM inspiration to help you manage the madness.

10 project management hacks to boost your productivity

10 Project Management Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

By | Features, General | 4 Comments
Did you know you’re wasting hours of time as a project manager? Not in the way you would expect—meetings, emails, and chats are all a part of our daily lives and job descriptions. Instead, I’m talking about things that can help save you time and stress in your day-to-day project planning: task automation, communication habits, and project planning hacks that can make all of our lives a little easier. Over the years I’ve learned there...
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Find out how much you should earn as a digital project manager in 2015

The 2016 Digital Project Manager salary survey

By | Features, General | 2 Comments
Whether you're an industry veteran or beginning to consider a career as a digital project manager - ‘How much do digital project managers earn?’ is always a relevant question to ask. Searches on this website for digital project managers show it's one of the hottest topics on our minds. We're all curious; are we being paid what we’re worth, or not? Last year's salary survey yielded some interesting results so for the second year in...
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digital project manager job description

Digital Project Manager job description

By | Features, General | 8 Comments
Are you a digital project manager, web project manager, web producer or digital producer? First off, let’s cover off this naming malarkey. A digital project manager job description can be hard to come by! Partly it's because digital project managers are known by a few different names; web project managers, web producers, digital producers and digital project managers – but for the most part, we're all pretty much the same thing. So what is the...
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