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Think outside the project management triangle

Think outside the project management triangle

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Focus on Relationships, Not Just Process When I first became a digital project manager, I struggled to find professional resources. There was a plethora of information available for traditional project management, but not much specifically for digital project management. Luckily, a colleague recommended the Digital PM Summit, sponsored by the Bureau of Digital. It's one of the first, and still one of the only, professional conferences in the U.S. for digital project managers. I initially...
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project management software

11 Project Management Software Tools

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The hunt for the best project management software PM’s love project management software – with good reason – without good project management software, whether we’re in agencies, marketing communications or consulting, we can find ourselves drowning in an endless sea of spreadsheets, post-its and paperwork. Our project management software and toolkit can be the only thing that separates us from throwing our toys out of the pram and having a total meltdown.  To get stuff...
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If part of your project management role is managing social media updates, you'll know that finding time (and sometimes inspiration) for social media updates can be tricky. Missinglettr is a great tool to turn your blog content into interesting social media updates, pre-filled with images and quotes from your content. Missinglettr monitors your blog and each article you publish is automatically turned into a unique drip marketing campaign. All you need to do is review and...
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Find out how much you should earn as a digital project manager in 2015

The 2016 Digital Project Manager salary survey

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Whether you're an industry veteran or beginning to consider a career as a digital project manager - ‘How much do digital project managers earn?’ is always a relevant question to ask. Searches on this website for digital project managers show it's one of the hottest topics on our minds. We're all curious; are we being paid what we’re worth, or not? Last year's salary survey yielded some interesting results so for the second year in...
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