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In the old days…

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

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My agency recently decided to restructure and take away the traditional titles. No longer are we “Sr.”, “Director”, etc. in all disciplines, we have no title differentiations in years of experience or level of work. I”m not sure how this makes me feel, I’ve been striving and goal setting my whole career only to now get pushed down in title. Do I stay and figure it out or leave?

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project management best practices

DPM Podcast: Project Management Best Practices: What You Should Be Doing Each Month (with Joanna Leigh Simon)

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Ben Aston chats with Joanna Leigh Simon, discovering her personal DPM story and chatting about the project management best practices that you should be doing each month. Covering the whole gamut of a monthly project reset, discover how to enhance your workflow, decrease the daily stress, and keep your projects running smoothly.

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project management podcast: the dpm name game

DPM Podcast: The DPM Name Game

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Emily Carbonell-Ferguson hosts a roundtable discussion with Patrice Embry, Abby Fretz and Ben Aston on the sometimes confusing job titles we use as we progress through our DPM careers; digital project manager vs senior digital project manager vs producer vs account manager – what’s it all about? Is there really any difference between us? Or should we be calling ourselves something different altogether?

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10 project management hacks to boost your productivity

10 Project Management Hacks To Boost Your Productivity

By | Features, General | 4 Comments
Did you know you’re wasting hours of time as a project manager? Not in the way you would expect—meetings, emails, and chats are all a part of our daily lives and job descriptions. Instead, I’m talking about things that can help save you time and stress in your day-to-day project planning: task automation, communication habits, and project planning hacks that can make all of our lives a little easier. Over the years I’ve learned there...
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