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Oldies But Goodies

10/02/2017 in General, Tools

Join Our Digital Project Manager Slack Team

At The Digital Project Manager, our goal is to elevate the conversation surrounding digital, leadership, and the world of digital project management.  We want to help…

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06/02/2017 in Features, General

How to: Make process change happen using project retrospectives

So you’ve just run a retrospective at the end of your project and you have a good amount of feedback about your processes, your team,…

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30/01/2017 in Features, General

The Basics of Leadership

When you first step out in front of a team it’s natural to feel apprehensive. Nervous even. And it’s with good cause. Truth is, in…

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27/01/2017 in General, The PM life

When you have to take on someone else’s project half way through

Taking over someone else’s project half way through – is it ever not like a big, fat punch in the noggin?

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23/01/2017 in General, How-to Guides

Managing millennials: A project manager’s guide

What you’ve been told about managing millennials is wrong. Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand, you’re probably seen ‘that’ video from Simon…

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17/01/2017 in Features, General

Project scope: Black & white or Shades of grey?

According to established project management theory, one of the most important aspects of running a successful project is a clear and well-understood scope (ideally documented…

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15/01/2017 in General, Tools

13 Resource Management Software & Resource Scheduling Tools

Managing your agency or studio resources without resource management software or resource scheduling tools is a tough gig. Trying to wrangle your agency’s management team,…

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08/01/2017 in Features, General

7 Essential Project Management Skills for 2017

If you’ve started the year and committed to upping your project management skills to be a better project manager, what project management skills are the…

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03/01/2017 in General, Promoted, Tools

12 Project Management Software Tools

Discover 12 of the best project management software tools for executing projects with a focus on project task lists, schedules, file sharing, team communications and project analytics and reporting.

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01/01/2017 in General, Tools

12 Project Management & Resource Scheduling Tools

You’re probably asking – do we really need project management tools or resourcing and scheduling tools? The answer is probably no, and yes. No, you…

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27/12/2016 in Features, General, Promoted

Project Management Lifecycle: The complete guide

Confused about what the project management lifecycle is all about? In this complete guide to the project management lifecycle, we’ll give the lowdown with handy…

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21/12/2016 in Features, General, Promoted

Kickoff meeting: The complete guide to starting projects right

A kickoff meeting post might not seem like the most likely candidate for winning a popularity contest on The Digital Project Manager, but it consistently…

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