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So you think you want to become a digital project manager? Find out how


Brett Harned’s Guide to Project Planning

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As a digital project manager, a huge part of your role is to create project plans to help you keep projects on track. But that’s not all a project plan should do. A project plan is arguably the most important document created on your project. At its core, a plan should communicate your project approach and the process your team will use to manage the project according to scope. This exceptional guide written by @brettharned will…

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Find out how much you should earn as a digital project manager in 2015

The 2016 Digital Project Manager salary survey

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Whether you're an industry veteran or beginning to consider a career as a digital project manager - ‘How much do digital project managers earn?’ is always a relevant question to ask. Searches on this website for digital project managers show it's one of the hottest topics on our minds. We're all curious; are we being paid what we’re worth, or not? Last year's salary survey yielded some interesting results so for the second year in...
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managing remote teams digital project management

Creating virtual co-location: a guide to managing remote teams

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There’s no doubt that co-locating a team is one of the best ways to improve communication and productivity. However, with many agencies using teams that span multiple locations, the benefits of physical co-location are not always possible.  So how do you mix the trend for remote working and distributed teams with a collaborative, more agile approach, that really hinges on effective real-time teamwork and how can you achieve that feel-good, co-located feeling in a distributed…

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10 tips for project success: manage risk

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Risks are ugly little things. They’re the things you never really want to talk about. But if the risks become issues, you’ll be in a bit of bother. So the temptation is just to sweep them under the carpet, never talk about them to the client and hope for the best. That’s a recipe for impending doom. Managing risk (or Management of Risk, sometimes helpfully abbreviated to MoR) is such a big deal that you…

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10 top tips for how to create a simple statement of work: check it

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In the euphoria of finishing a statement of work (SoW), the temptation can be to hit save, dump it in an email and send it on its merry way. After all, the process of pulling one together is usually somewhat painful; you just want to see the back of it. But without checking your SoW properly, before you send it, you can end up in a world of pain later. You could spend weeks refining…

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10 tips for project success: keep communicating

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Far too many projects fall apart simply because of a basic breakdown in communication; it’s often the difference between a project succeeding or failing. Communication is the glue that holds projects together; internally with your team to get the project done and externally with the client to move the project through the process – getting briefs, timely approvals and ensuring they feel like they’re ‘in the know.’ We need to be excellent communicators: with our…

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digital project manager meetup groups

Digital Project Manager Meetups

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If you’re looking for a digital project manager (DPM) meetup, you’re in luck; the DPM community is growing, and growing fast. There is a burgeoning community for those who manage projects in the digital world. If you manage projects that cover the web, mobile, app, e-commerce, cross-platform builds, marketing campaigns, advertising, and everything between, then you’re not alone! Known as digital project managers, digital pm’s, digital producers and web project managers, our band of merry renegades work…

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10 top tips for how to create a statement of work: make it simple

10 top tips for how to create a simple statement of work: make it simple

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Weirdly, every statement of work you finish somehow feels like a seminal moment, a crowning glory of your illustrious career. You step back, pat yourself on the back and think to yourself how it’s the longest and most complicated SoW you’ve ever written. For a moment, you feel good, elated even. You think your SoW is more watertight than a submarine. Truth be told, you will achieve much more impressive things in your career than…

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10 Most Important Project Management Skills

The 10 most important project management skills

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It would be difficult to name a profession that requires a larger or more varied skillset than project management. Today’s project managers are expected to have specific industry knowledge, strong communication skills, and top-notch quantitative abilities, just to name a few. With such an expansive list of necessary skills, it’s no wonder that qualified project managers are in such high demand around the globe. Though the list of useful project management skills is nearly endless,…

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Wrike project management software

Tool Review: Wrike – project management and collaboration software

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Could Wrike be the answer to your project management software woes? A growing number of big digital companies like Paypal, Gapgemni and Hootsuite seem to think so – they’ve begun using Wrike as a project management software solution to manage their digital projects. We all know how on large projects, with lots of resources, stakeholders, dependencies and complexity you’re going to find yourself drowning if you’re not equipped with the right tools. While Google Docs, Trello, and Asana work great with…

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how to run successful projects: be realistic

10 tips for project success: be realistic

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You know the scenario – something has just gone horribly wrong on your project and you’ve just encountered a major setback. It’s Friday afternoon at 4pm when the client gives you a call before they disappear for the weekend and innocently asks;  ‘how’s everything going, are we still ok to hit next week’s deadline?’ The cold sweats hit you and before you are even aware what’s going on, you open your mouth and the words…

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Creating-SoWs - Make-assumptions in your statement of work

10 top tips for how to create a statement of work: make assumptions

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A dog might be a man’s best friend but in the case of the project manager, that best friend is always the ever-trusty and forever-loyal statement of work assumptions. They’re your get out of jail free card, and often the difference between delivering on budget or not. Without assumptions, you’re the proverbial ship without an anchor and will be tossed around in the storms of clients’ misunderstanding and soon find yourself wondering where it all…

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Clarizen Webinar - Primer on Successful Project Management

Primer on Successful Project Management

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Clarizen’s Primer on Successful Project Management Webinar Organize, Automate, Repeat Everyone knows that manual processes don’t scale. And that inconsistent communication and poor scheduling can lead to work execution problems. The solution seems simple enough: automate your workflows, improve project visibility and accurately scope projects to accelerate how work gets done. But the challenge remains: How do you actually do this? Watch our recorded webinar to learn from industry expert Andy Jordan and Adam Washington,…

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how to run successful projects - build a great team

10 top tips for project success: build a great team

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Unless you’ve got all kinds of special ninja design skills, and no matter how good you are at fudging code, you need a kick-ass team to deliver your project. Without one, your project isn’t going to happen. In order for your project to be any kind of success, you’re going to need a team that is passionate about the project and tenacious in their commitment to making it a success. A happy, highly motivated and…

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Tool Review: Forecast.it – a smarter way to run projects more predictably

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Most tools are a bit like party tricks – they do only one or two things really well – scheduling, Kanban boards or simple task management. And there are plenty of options out there if you’re after a simple standalone tool. But if you are a digital project manager tired of having to use a handful of tools and inputting the same data in each of them, you should check out Forecast.it. This is a…

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